Women Power

Women power

Women are responsible for markets generating 90% of Alvogen’s profits worldwide

In my mind, any progressive, successful, forward looking company in any industry selects talents based on experience, personality and education. Successful companies select talent based on merit. For example, women in leadership positions have been shown to generate as high or higher financial performance including return on equity, return on sales and return on invested capital as shown in multiple studies published in the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review and other industry and academic media. In addition, management studies find women more likely to develop others around them and promote collaboration in the workplace.

Many of Alvogen’s best scientists, managers and executives are women. Alvogen is one of the world fasted growing generic pharmaceutical companies. With strong focus on portfolio, quality, service and people as a key drivers of success.

"I am exceptionally proud of the fact how talented and diverse our team is."

Today many of our key markets are led by women, including US covering over 50% of Alvogen’s sales, Korea our largest market in Asia and our commercial teams in Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Albania and Iceland to name only a few. Support units empowered by strong women, such as regulatory, clinical services, customer service, business development and talent management also fuel the rapid growth of our business. In fact, today, women are responsible for markets generating over 90% of Alvogen’s profit.

"Our unique fusion of amazing culture, carefully selected teams and respect for gender and each other has made us one of the fastest growing companies in the world."

Robert Wessman