Alvotech fundraising for UNICEF

Alvotech fundraising

Alvotech employees recently launched a fundraiser within the company in response to the dire consequences of COVID-19 in India.

Alvotech employs a large number of people from India and they wanted to show solidarity in action by supporting UNICEF's emergency operations in said country. The company intends to donate the same amount as collected among employees, thus doubling the fundraising amount.

"The situation in India caused by COVID-19 leaves no one untouched. The case is close to us at Alvotech as many Indians have moved to Iceland to join our team. We want to express our support in action and therefore launched a fundraiser within the company, which we will meet with a strong counter-contribution. We thank UNICEF for their contribution to the fight against COVID-19," says Róbert Wessman, Chairman of Alvotech

Kathir Narayanan, Production Manager at Alvotech and one of the fundraisers, says that the health system in India can not cope with the epidemic. Hospitals are overcrowded and there is a great lack of oxygen and intensive care units for the seriously ill. He mentions that the virus is now spreading rapidly to neighboring countries, where health systems don’t have the means to deal with the large number of patients.

"There are more than a hundred Indians in Iceland who are connected to Alvotech as employees, or as family members of employees. The situation in India right now is very bad and we’re going through a difficult time as some colleagues have lost family members and loved ones due to COVID. We are deeply touched by the care of our management and colleagues”

UNICEF'S Call for India.

UNICEF reports on Alvotech’s fundraiser on their website and has issued an emergency call for India. India is one of the most populous countries in the world and the spread of COVID-19 has been uncontrolled since their second wave of the pandemic took place back in February.

“Urgent action is needed and UNICEF calls for increased support to provide and bring vital relief supplies to the people of India. This is a challenge that the whole world needs to address because a new variant of the virus can quickly evolve and spread its effects” UNICEF states in their press release.

UNICEF and their partners are working hard on their emergency operations to ensure the safety of children and their families in India. Their support has involved providing necessary medical supplies, oxygen supplies, face masks, and screening equipment, along with education about infection control, and support for the infant and maternity health care system.

UNICEF also supports the government in organizing vaccination programs and ensuring that COVID-19 vaccines are distributed evenly across the country.

The situation in South Asia is delicate. “The rapid spread of COVID-19 in South Asia is a challenge that the whole world needs to address. South Asia has a population of two billion and every second a new infection is detected. Every 17 seconds, someone dies from the disease in the region. India has suffered badly and the situation has also worsened in Nepal and Sri Lanka. There is now a risk that the spread will also go uncontrolled in Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bhutan,” UNICEF states in their press release.

UNICEF's emergency operations in India can be supported by a voluntary donation here.