Róbert Wessman is known for his clear focus and his ability to successfully combine operational efficiency and external growth through strategic acquisitions. His ambitions and policies have been clear from the beginning, to facilitate patients access to high quality drugs all over the world.


Aztiq, led by Róbert Wessman, focuses on investments in pharmaceutical and health-related industries. Aztiq is founded on the belief that everyone has the right to medicine, regardless of financial means. Aztiq’s owners aspire to build a scientific community that focuses on improving the health of people around the world.


Róbert Wessman is the CEO of Alvogen which is an international pharmaceutical company based in US. Alvogen specializes in the development and production of generic drugs, over-the-counter drugs and biotech drugs. The business is based on a solid foundation and Alvogen's subsidiaries have a long history.

Róbert Wessman pharmaceutical company


Founder and Executive Chairman of Alvotech which is a biotech pharmaceutical company specializing in the development of generic drugs or biosimilars. The company's goal is to increase patients' access around the world to high - quality biotech drugs, reduce drug costs and increase the quality of life of patients suffering from difficult diseases such as arthritis, psoriasis and cancer. Alvotech has operations in the United States, Germany, Switzerland and Iceland, with headquarters in Vatnsmýri.

Almatica Pharma

Róbert Wessman is the founder and chairman of the board of Almatica Pharma LLC which is a US pharmaceutical company focusing on the development, purchase and marketing of drugs in the United States.


Founder of Almaject which focuses on the development and marketing of injectable drugs in the United States. The company is fully owned by Alvogen.


Founder of Adalvo which is an international pharmaceutical company that has the stated goal of being crucial for patients around the world. The company uses smart business solutions and partner networks to achieve its goals and thus deliver high quality products and services to all partners.


Róbert Wessman is the chairman of the board Lotus which specializes in the production of chemotherapy for the benefit of patients, employees and shareholders of the company. Lotus is headquartered in Taiwan and listed on the Taiwan stock exchange.